Monday, December 13, 2010

I'm a bad blogger!

So it has been a while. Not a whole lot going on really. My best friend who is more like my sister got married and I was the maid of honor. It was seriously the best wedding I have ever been to. Her husband is from Africa and so are many of their friends that were at the wedding and they are so friendly and welcoming we danced the night away. Even my Ryan danced who could not be more "white"! My adorable nephew Malik was carried down the aisle wearing his lil white tux he could not have been sweeter he is truly such an amazing little boy I love him so much!

We had our nieces and nephews with us for Thanksgiving I think that really kept me from getting down during the holiday. We had a great time with them they are always full of fun and excitement. Our profile was shown I think once or twice since the last time I blogged. It is getting easier when our profile is shown and we are not picked. Don't get me wrong I still start getting the feelings and thoughts like "what is wrong with us? or "did I look bad in that photo I put in the book?" and I still get a little disappointed when our social worker emails that it wasn't us. However, now I don't cry as long and and I don't get that defeated feeling. I'm happy for the ones that get the phone call they have been waiting for and then I thank God for our baby that he is preparing for us even now as I type!

I hung our stockings on the mantle  mine, Ryan's, Violet's and Ellie's (our Boston Terriers) and I also hung up a blank stocking for our baby! On Thanksgiving my nephew Lucas said "Hey, whose stocking is that? (pointing to the blank one) and I said "That's for our baby that will be coming" and he said "That's cool you better fill it soon!" Kids have such pure sweet faith I love it! I thought that I would be harder now around Christmas but I am excited for Christmas instead of thinking "This better be the last Christmas I have without a child."   I am thinking "This could be our last Christmas just the 2 of us so let's make it the best one!" If that means that Ryan gets me the Wii I have been asking him for then all the better!! Side note: I must be the only person alive without a Wii! Ryan laughs at me and says I could just go buy one anytime I want but it's not the same I say!!

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