Sunday, June 19, 2011

Your Father :)

To my little precious one,

Today is Father's Day so I thought that I would take some time to tell you what a wonderful father you will have. Your have the best daddy in the world. He is the most patient, calm man that I have ever known. When I get sad because you're not here yet  he is the one who helps to remind me that God has perfect timing and you will be here very soon. He loves you so much already and can't wait to hold you in his arms. Your daddy loves sports so I'm sure he will teach you how to play every sport on earth. Sometimes I catch daddy going into your bedroom and just looking around smiling my heart melts when I see him in there. Here's a tip it won't be too hard for you to get daddy wrapped around your little fingers just ask your cousins! He has a hard time saying no to cute little faces! He wants to give you the world. Another tip, your dad gives great advice so make sure you pick his brain now and then. I hope you will like Mexican food because your daddy plans on taking you to eat it with him all time. I"ll let that be you're thing with your dad I've had my fill of burritos over the last couple years with him. So to sum it up you have a pretty great dad who is funny, sweet, caring and I will add adorable! He loves you and can't wait for you to be home with us.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Quiet

Our house has been filled with kids for the past two weeks. My 3 year old niece and 4 year old nephew, along with their 6 year old brother and 10 year old sister have been here visiting us from Ohio. Let me preface what I am about to say by 1st saying that, they are very well behaved kids. However, when you go from having no kids in the house to having 4 of varying ages it can get very loud! We aren't very loud around here when the kids aren't here. Well scratch that Ryan is never loud!! I have a loud booming Italian voice but Ryan has really helped me quiet down too. I mean how loud and boisterous can 2 adults and 2 small dogs be?

There are times during the week that I am exhausted when they are here. However, the same thing happens every time they leave us. Ryan usually takes them to meet their parents (we can't all fit in one car when they are all here) about an hour and a half from here halfway between our homes. I kiss them all goodbye and pray for them as they leave then I start cleaning the house. Then as I am cleaning the house I realize how incredibly quiet it is in here. It's so quiet I can't hear anything. Then I begin to cry because I miss them so much and I realize I miss the loud, I miss the rush of kids flying by me, I miss the funny things they say and do. I woke up not feeling well because I think that I stressed myself out so much over thinking about them leaving. I'm not alone. When Ryan gets home his eyes will be red because he has been crying too. We will go outside and plant something or watch something on TV and try to ignore how quiet it is in here.

I have total faith in God that he will bring us a baby that will one day soon make our house very loud.