Friday, November 12, 2010

You never know.

So we were in a car accident yesterday. Praise God we are just fine! Someone hit the back of our car while going pretty fast may I say! Nobody was hurt in either car and Allstate is already on the ball!

As we go through this process to adopt we have heard such heartbreaking stories. Often we get information about a birth mother and her personal situation about why she is placing her child for adoption. We've had our profile shown several times and those mothers chose other families to adopt their children. We've also decided several times to not have our profile shown to birth mothers because we knew that the situation was not right for us. If you wonder it hurts just as bad when you decide not to have your profile shown as it does when your not chosen.

We often get some very personal information about the mothers and sometimes the fathers. Heartbreaking does not come close to some of the stories we've been told. Intense drug and alcohol use, rape, homelessness and babies born addicted. It's easy to get angry with the birth mothers and say "How could you do this to your precious baby?" These thoughts have crossed my mind and have come out of my mouth. Yes there needs to be accountability but you don't turn into a drug addict or alcoholic over night. These mothers have gone through intense hurt and pain in their lives.

This has opened my eyes in so many ways. These mothers and babies that we hear about could be the woman next door, the young girl in high-school, the woman in the cubicle next to you. You never know the hurt and pain that someone is enduring. I think about these babies and their mothers everyday. I pray for them and ask God to put people in their paths that will help them and show them the support they need.

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