Friday, December 31, 2010

This New Year

Christmas was blur! I remember being young and wishing time would fly. Now I see how fast time goes by and I realize how precious it is. Well I got my Wii for Christmas. It is as fun as I thought it would be. Although, I'm afraid that my high scores on The Beatles Rockband have deluded me to think I have a great singing voice! We had a great time with our family and our friends and I will always love the memories of Ryan and I opening our gifts together on Christmas morning. We don't go crazy with gifts for each other but it always amazes me the way he is so serious about what he gets for me. He searched to find books about the Tudor Dynasty for me (yes he is married to a nerd) and was so worried he may have got the wrong ones (he didn't). It makes the socks I got him look really bad!

I look forward to the new year for many reasons not just the possibility of our baby coming. I try to think of it as a chance to do better at everything. What ways can I be a better wife? How can I be a better friend? How can I continue to grow in my relationship with God? How can I be better to myself? We don't write resolutions we sit down and we make goals. Individual goals and our goals as a family. We love to get them out and see how far we have come and see how God has moved and really blessed us in so many ways.

Our profile will be shown to 2 birth mothers this week. I had the hardest time at first when this began happening. I would immediately begin envisioning that specific child in my arms and then be devastated when we weren't chosen. I still get excited when we get possible opportunities I don't know how you couldn't. I try to think of it as one step closer to the day when we do get the call. I didn't believe that this would get easier, But oddly enough it has. I love being able to pray for these babies and their mothers. I still get excited but I am excited to know they will be getting homes at all. I really find myself praying that the baby goes to someone in our local office. If one of these babies are ours then it will happen but I am so happy to know that another couple who has gone through the pain and tears that we have will get a call they pray for daily. I will be honest I find myself surprised that I'm not jealous. I am confident in God's goodness and I know that he is with us throughout the highs and the lows. To all of my friends who are waiting: I pray that this new year we get our calls and while we wait we cast all of our cares on God who will sustain us and uplift us! This will be a year of growth and joy!

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  1. I'll pray that same thing right along with you! I can't wait to see what God has in store for all of us!