Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dreams Come True!!

Some things are so precious, so magical that you want to keep them to yourselves and hold them so tight. We have have experienced that magical, precious feeling. Tomorrow Wednesday August 17th our daughter will be placed in our home. For those of you that had no clue that this happened I will go back in time about two months ago...................

I had decided that I would make new profile books for our adoption. We had tons of great new pictures and I felt that maybe new profile books would invigorate our chances of being chosen. I think that day or a couple days after I placed the order we got an email from our caseworker telling us about a precious lil 2 year old girl. Like I did every time we have ever received I called Ryan and read it to him. We decided that we would pray about it like we always did and decide if we wanted our profile to be shown. We decided that yes we would have our profile shown.

Some time went by not much at all compared to some. I received the call that we were one of the families that had been chosen to be interviewed! I felt like I was in a dream so excited so nervous. I don't think that I slept until we met with the caseworkers later that week. We both felt that it all went really well that we had a really great chance. We waited a weekend and on a Tuesday morning I got the call that I had been aching for for what seemed like forever. We had been chosen we were the ones!!

So tomorrow she will be home for good. She is the most precious girl who has Daddy wrapped around her fingers already. When she runs into my arms I melt I feel overwhelmed with emotions that I didn't know existed. Our entire situation has been better than I ever could have dreamt of. Everyone involved has been above and beyond wonderful.

I am in awe of God's goodness and love for me. To think that before I was born, before Ryan was born before our daughter was born he chose US to be her parents. People keep telling us how blessed she is to have us and I think "No, how incredibly blessed we are to have her!!!" I could fall to my knees and thank God for this gift day and night and it wouldn't be enough. His love is so tremendous so utterly big and precious. I am honestly having a hard time expressing how amazing this all really is.

So I am now who I was born to be; a wife and a mother. My God has done exceedingly, abundantly more than I could ever have imagined or dreamt of!!!

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  1. I can so relate, I have had people tell me how lucky the kids are but I feel the same way no I am the lucky one, and I have tears in my eyes as I read this even though I have been following this all along. I have been waiting for this day along with you since the day you came over and we sat and talked for hours. That feeling of how blessed you are will never leave you it will just grow stronger as they grow, and one day you will be a tearful mess like me as you send that child off to college. Love you guys.