Monday, January 17, 2011

Best Baby Products

Right after our homestudy was done and we were given the go ahead to adopt I started a baby registry. Some women that adopt wait until they have the baby to register and I totally understand that too. I started it because doing it made it all feel more real to me and lets face it it is fun! I had so much fun doing one at Babies R Us that I did one at Target too. Once we have received "the call" I'm sure I will go back and register for more specific items for a boy or a girl depending on what we have. Now I am obsessed with baby products. Because this is my first child I am sure I will be roped into buying things that I really don't need and I'm ok with that. I know all of the basic things that I need but I wonder what some of you mothers and fellow waiting to be mothers think are really great must haves. Is there something you have seen or used that made life easier or made baby happier?


  1. We registered too at BRU after we went on our agency's waiting list! And we just registered at Target a couple of weeks ago. Because we are still waiting. And it feels good to do something! We really loved the bouncy seat for our three kiddos. And when I asked a group of new mamas what is something they could not do without (because my "baby" is turning 7 soon and I don't know what might still "do"), they all mentioned their bouncy seats.

  2. I'm so glad that I'm not the only one registering while waiting! I didn't do it though until a friend of mine said she did it to remember all the wonderful products her friends suggested. So, I now have a BRU registry as well. We're currently waiting on someone to come to our house and approve our home study as well. Good luck!